Self storage software reimagined for
your portfolio

Meet Monument Software, the first and only self storage software platform for remote facility management at scale


Our Software Solution

All-in-one platform.
Endless operational capabilities.

One unified display

Access your facilities, units, and customers all in one place, eliminating countless hours spent switching between accounts and screens

Powered from anywhere

Our cloud-based platform makes remote multi-facility management a reality

Payment processing
Lease management
Tenant communication
Websites and online rentals
Site access
Analytics and insights
Delinquency management


Boost revenue and keep overhead low across all your facilities—existing and future

We optimize pricing and fill more units automatically while reducing the need for onsite personnel. So you can grow your portfolio, not your headcount.

Slice and dice data on demand

Analyze performance across your entire portfolio with customizable reports and analytics that deliver real-time insights organized just how you like it

Always stay informed with built-in alerts for key business metrics and pre-scheduled reports

Occupancy-triggered marketing campaigns

Maintain profitability by keeping units filled with automatic marketing campaigns that run whenever occupancy dips below your ideal threshold

AI pricing optimization

Maximize revenue with automatic unit pricing updates based on occupancy, market trends, historical data, and local insights

Automated customer onboarding

Sign up customers and grant site access without onsite personnel

Seamless API integrations

Our platform connects to your existing tools, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation

White-glove customer service

Reach out to our team for quick answers and personalized support when you need it